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Rules To Follow

Post by Ted Wiggins on Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:39 pm

Just a list of rules to keep the site fun for all and running smoothly. Most are self explanatory but still, let's abide by them shall we. If you think of more, feel free to suggest it.

1. This is an intermediate to advanced forum based role play. Meaning, your posts don't have to be book length, but must be atleast a paragraph or few. We are endevoring to re-tell the story ourselves and so must do that through full clear sentences. No chat speak!
Give your fellow role playes something to go off off

2. Create a new account for each character you take/are planning to take and await approval before posting. The character's name should be the user name. See my name in the post for example.

3. I am keeping the rating of this site at the movie rating, PG. There is going to be ample room for expanding the story, of course, given the nature of the site, but let's keep it fitting with the original movie atmosphere. As such, no slash.

4. Pics must adhere to the site's regulations of 150 or so pixels, I believe. Basically your pics can't be so big as to streatch or interfere with the look of the board or I will be telling you to fix them.

4. Stay active. I understand that we all have lives and can't devote all day to this place, myself included, but please try to atleast be on twice a week (to put a definate time on it). This will be helped along by the monthy activity checks though.

How Activity Check Works
-As I said, every month I will send an annoncement that all current players must check in for the activity check. Just reply to the thread I will have created for that month, telling me that you are here and which of the characters you have you will be taking on again.
-You do not have to reply as every character you have, just post from your "main" account and give me the list of other characters (if any) your also re-taking
-So, if you want to give up characters and feel you have too many, this is the perfect place for doing it, or of course you can PM me between months too

-If you miss an activity check your profile will be moved to Inactive and you have a certain amount of time, mostly until that next month, to PM me you want back in. For needed Cannon this will be shortened to two weeks. Basically if I can't get ahold of you in any way shape or form and your character (if cannon) will be opened back up for others to apply for. Or if your lucky and come back and they are still available, for you to re-apply for.

5. Keep OC and plot hashing to it's appropriate spot. No OC statements within the actul posts in the role playing area. PM eachother or put it in the OC thread. This just helps the "story" not be broken up.

6. Respect other members and even in PM's don't harsh eachother or bug about posting. Folks know and will get to posting when the get to it.

Finally though! Have Fun and help others do the same!
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