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Post by Ted Wiggins on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:01 am

Please fill this out and submit it in another thread with the character name as the topic for my reviewing your character/the one you want to take. Coded below for simplicity if you want to just copy the box and paste and fill"

A quick list of which characters are taken and by whom can be FOUND HERE

Note: Animals character are allowed, and can talk to eachother but not humans, per the movie, but that is an option and we can expand on their story too! Of course, given the timeframe, you would probably do most interaction in the past threads, unless you came up with a reason your in the wasteland Wink or later on when/if we get some trees up.

Species: (Human, Barbaloot, Humming Fish, etc)
Family: (can be a list, and if it doesn't apply just explain why in full setence)
Personality: (Who are we dealing with. Atleast a paragraph or few)
History: (Same. No real word count requirement, but full sentences and enough to tell us the full story. For Cannon characters with backstories even before the start of the movie, the whole movie background is not required, just important parts)

Your Name: (What should we call you for keeping track of all the characters you take? First/Main Character name works)
RP Sample: (Really required if you're taking cannon! Give me a sample of how you play the character to go off. For OC's, if you want to give me another post from another role play that's fine)



[b]Your Name:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b]
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