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Ted Wiggins

Post by Ted Wiggins on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:38 am

Name: Ted Wiggins
Age: 12
Gender: male
Species: Human
Family: Lives with his mother and Grammy Norma
Personality: Like any other kid his age, Ted is very adept at the mechanical items from within his technological world that he has grown up around (model airplanes and motor bikes). Brave, though he hardly knows it himself at the moment, he also possesses a stubborn determination to get what he wants and capacity to stand up for what he believes in. Still, though a caring kid deep down, that stubbornness and slight impatience of his age can make him hard to deal with at times.
History: Born well after the last tree fell, Ted has grown up like most others in Thneedville, and especially of his age, content with how things are and the "fake" world he lives in, not knowing any other. He has developed the typical crush on an older girl and local neighbor a few blocks down, Audrey, though, and would do anything to please her, even crashing model-anything-he-can-buy  into her backyard to get to talk to her and listening to her go on about these "real trees" that are apparently so important to her.

Your Name: Ted works Wink
RP Sample: As Ted walked along down the street, he kept glancing up ahead of him, and then quickly down just in case the person up ahead spotted him looking. He still wasn't sure what he had done right to be blessed with this great opportunity and have Audrey...The Audrey! walking very, very near  to him, a few steps up ahead on the sidewalk. She was so close that if he jogged real quick he would be beside her within a few moments, but of course Ted didn't do this. It would be weird and she would just think him weird, especially as he didn't even know what he would say when he got there. So Ted simply continued to walk along behind Audrey on his way home, with her unaware that he was there but him very, very aware she was there. Mom had been right, walking had been so much better than riding his bike to school that morning.
Ted Wiggins

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